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Expert Electrical Wiring Services in Friendswood

Having an up-to date and reliable electrical system for your home is absolutely critical! The best way to ensure the efficiency of your system is to replace your electrical wiring or at the very least rewire your existing system for the best possible performance. If you’re dealing with electrical issues it could very likely be the wiring at the root of these problems!

No matter the case, the professionals at R&B Electric are here to help, and in a hurry. All of our services are started with a couple things in mind; efficiency, safety, and complete customer satisfaction! We guarantee saving you money and the utmost results. 

We highly recommend leaving all of your repairs or installation of electrical wiring to the people who do it best; R&B Electric! We always ensure your project is completed right the very first time around. No run arounds and time being wasted with these Friendswood Electricians. Do you have and emergency electrical situation? Maybe you want an estimate for a full-house service for your Friendswood residence? Luckily for you, we’re available all day at your convenance and always armed with expert advice and even light on your wallet!

Do you want to know why you should chose R&B Electric for your Friendswood home? We will list a few below:

  • Same-day appointments scheduled for a time that fits your busy life, not the other way around.

  • Fully stocked trucks armed with everything we need and nothing that we don’t!

  • Experienced electricians all of our electricians are fully licensed and bonded to render services in your area, no questions asked.

  • Affordable pricing with transparent estimates to give you the clarity you deserve.

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R&B Electric leads the Electrician industry in the Friendswood and surrounding areas in providing customer-first, efficient services for all of your wiring and installation needs. If you wish to discuss your homes needs with our licensed and certified master electrician Rick, give us a call today!